Community Guidelines

Updated on April 23, 2023

§1 Posting-Rules
  1. This site is based on the principle that everyone respects and tolerates others and their opinions. For this reason, racist, right-wing extremist or other inhumane comments are prohibited.
  2. Insults are prohibited and will be punished with a warning or ban depending on the severity of the insult.
  3. A forum is used to exchange opinions, to get information and to help each other! However, if you only use the forum for self-promotion and constantly write topic-independent posts (spam), you can expect a warning.
  4. Linking and discussing about illegal content is prohibited. A one-time action will be warned, if the rule is repeatedly disregarded, a permanent exclusion will be considered.
  5. Double postings are to be avoided. There is an edit function and it should be used. However, if the old post was made a long time ago and the new post really offers something “new”, this is allowed. However, it is not appropriate to correct errors this way.
  6. Before opening a thread, please use the search to check whether the topic does already exist.

§2 Private Messages-Rules
  1. Advertising in PMs is prohibited. Any violation will result in a warning.
  2. The posting rules also apply to PMs.

§3 Signature- and Avatar-Rules
  1. The posting rules also apply to the avatars and the signatures! No racist, right-wing extremist or inhumane content or images is allowed.
  2. Pornographic content and images are also prohibited!
  3. Avatars and signatures can be edited or deleted by a staff member without reason if, with discretion of the staff member, they violate the rules!
  4. Images in the signature must not exceed a size of 500x200 pixels. In order to keep loading times within tolerable limits, the entire signature must not be larger than 500 KB. Below or above the image can be a line of text in normal font size, but nothing more. If more is required, the height of the banner must be adjusted accordingly. Should you find illegal signatures, please send a PM to the staff.
  5. If text only, please no more than 7 lines in normal font size.
  6. Exceptions can be made under special circumstances. Contact a staff member if you require such exception.

§4 Warnings / Ban

Warning? So what......?

It is not quite that simple, because a warning means a reservation and increased observation. A warning is therefore comparable to a suspended sentence. Should there be another violation of the rules during this "probation", a ban can be considered. The length of the ban depends on the type and severity of the offense.

In the event of extreme violations of the forum rules, a primary ban is issued: This means that the concerned user is banned without warning

Reason for Warnings:

  • Insults of any kind,
  • Unnecessary and pointless posts (spam),
  • Posting referral links,
  • Threads / posts that deal with trade (with the exception of links to your own offer at internet auction houses in the chat thread),
  • Advertising that is not placed in the designated area,
  • "Stolen goods". This means stolen items of any kind for which no permission (authorization from the original author) is available,
  • Discussions and arguments that have nothing to do with the topic
  • Failure to comply with an instruction from a staff member,
  • Other violations of the rules.

This list is not exhaustive, i.e. closed. The points mentioned are only examples and it is at the discretion of the staff when a warning is issued in individual cases.

As said, it depends on the gravity of the offense. However, if the staff points out inappropriate behavior, be it by editing a post or by answering directly, the instructions must be followed.

§5 The Warning-System

The forum has an automated warning system, which means that there is full transparency at all times if a user has received a warning, why and from which staff member.

An overview of warnings, take a look at the catalog of fines.

Furthermore, the staff is of course allowed to ban or even delete a user immediately and without using the warning system.

§6 Catalog of Fines

This catalog lists all fines a user can receive during his lifetime.

Infraction Points Expiration Date
Accusation without evidence 2 4 Months
Insult / Language 5 6 Months
Cross-Posting 2 4 Months
Double-Posting 1 2 Months
Posting a Ref-Link 2 4 Months
Posting of illegal Content 5 6 Months
Ignoring Staff directions 3 6 Months

Individual Infractions are possible as well!

Sanction Points needed Expiration Date
Disable of User's Avatar 3 30 Days
Disable of User's Signature 4 45 Days
Soft-Ban A 5 48 Hours (2 Days)
Soft-Ban B 8 336 Hours (14 Days)
Soft-Ban C 10 1.008 Hours (42 Days)
Soft-Ban D 13 2.160 Hours (90 Days)
Hard-Ban 16 No experiation

These rules are necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly.